Pre-Canvass Interest Survey: AWI SMA 0643 - Stair, Handrail, and Guard Systems
Please indicate your interest in participating in the canvass for the AWI SMA 0643 - Stair, Handrail, and Guard Systems Standard. This standard addresses the aesthetic and structural performance of project-specific architectural wood casework.

For additional information regarding our ANSI procedures:

You may substitute another individual from your organization to participate on this list but only one representative from any organization may participate in the canvass.
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I am directly and materially affected by the subject of this standard and wish to be part of the canvass list for AWI SMA 0643 - Stairs, Handrails, and Guards. *
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General Interest: Public or private organizations or individuals that have an interest in the design or use of products associated with AWI standards, but neither produce nor use them directly (e.g., industry trade associations, code officials, members of academia, governmental agencies, environmental NGOs, etc.)

User: Organizations or individuals that use or specify the products associated with AWI standards. (e.g., architects, distributors, fabricators, general contractors, consumers, etc.)

Producer: Manufacturers of the wood products associated with AWI standards (e.g., manufacturers of wall surfacing, casework, interior trim, etc.)
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