Personal Finance 101 Workshops
This is a weekly event series on financial literacy covering an expansive list of topics that will help solidify the foundation of building sustainable wealth - prioritizing the FGLI/BIPOC student perspective as they may possess the widest gaps in financial literacy. It is my hope that this series will help students in the long run as they delve deeper into adulthood and manage their finances with full confidence.

We will be covering topics like:
1)Budgeting, Mint app
2)Learning banks and benefits: which ones offer the best deals for certain accounts/cards/services
2)All things credit (what's a credit score, credit cards, etc)
3)Good practices - learn the best financial habits
4)Looking Ahead - what life you want to build for yourself in 30+ years > FIRE movement (retiring early) retirement funds ie Roth IRA

Advanced Category:
{These topics will be more collaborative as I am also continuing to learn about them currently}
> Investing - crypto included
> Real estate (ie mortgages, FHA loan)
> Salary negotiation

Outside the workshops, you're welcome to reach out for help on several applications: taxes, credit cards, bank accounts, food stamps ($500/month from VT SNAP), roth IRA, standard brokerage accounts.

Great credit card for beginners (Discover): 
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Chase credit card: 
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Best Savings Account right now:
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Host - Valerie Gutierrez
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