Low dose naltrexone for fibromyalgia
Thanks for participating in this survey. Your answers will inform my LDN for fibromyalgia writing and hopefully help others considering using this amazing medicine. I provide a question for you to indicate how you would be labelled if I use your answers as a case study. The last few questions are for people with fibromyalgia who took LDN during pregnancy, please ignore if this does not apply to you.
Do you have fibromyalgia? *
How long have you had fibromyalgia? *
How did you learn about LDN? *
Do you currently take LDN *
How long did it take for you to feel positive effect? *
What is your ideal dose *
How long did it take for you to find your ideal dose? (How long did you titrate up for) *
What area is your most profound effect in. *
If LDN didn't work for you, or you stopped taking it, could you please briefly explain why?
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Can you provide a summary of the positive benefits LDN has given you? What would you tell a fellow fibro fighter about your positive benefits? *
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Do you struggle with any side effects?
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If I use your answers in my writing how would you like to be labelled? As "A fibro fighter" or by your first name (please provide) *
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Would you like be to be updated about this project? If yes, please provide your email address.
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Did you take LDN during pregnancy?
If you took LDN during pregnancy, did it help you manage the fibromyalgia during pregnancy?
What would you say to a fellow fibro parent who is considering taking LDN during pregnancy? (This is not about negative views on medicine use during pregnancy, please assume this parent will research and discuss with their doctor)
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