Would you like to get peer feedback on one of your translations?
And help the translator community by helping to gain more information on this important subject?

My name is Heddwen and I am writing my master's thesis on peer feedback among professional translators. I'm not exactly a normal student, I'm 38 years old and have been a professional translator for many years.

If you agree to participate, in about four weeks, you will be asked to translate a short text of about 200 words on a general subject and you will also be asked to give feedback on someone else's short translation.

It doesn't matter what your language pair or level of experience is, but it is important that you are a professional translator (in other words, you get money for your work) or a translation student at an official translation course.

Your translation will be shared with one other translator anonymously.

If you would like to know more, please check my website, https://heddwennewton.com, or send me an e-mail on H.M.K.Newton@students.uu.nl.

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If you'd like to help some more...
Thank you for your willingness to be a part of my research!

I have also set up questionnaires to find out how translators, translation students and other people in the translation business see feedback and how feedback is currently used. I will be sharing the results of this questionnaire on my blog, so that everyone can benefit.

If you have not yet done so, you can find the links here: https://heddwennewton.com/

Thank you!

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