Buying Days Adance Notice
Receive Advance Notice of when a BUYING DAY will be held.

We are buying toys such as lego's, American Girl, Pokemon, Little People, etc, clean & great quality better brand shoes, baby gear & in/out play such as kitchens, slides, play houses, wagons, etc approximately once a month.

Receive advance notice for Buying Days. At the Buying Day receive PayPal deposits on the spot (or check) for your clean, great condition items. Amount offered for your items will be dependent upon condition. BUYING DAYS will be held at the Costco parking lot @ Easton.

Advance notice will be sent via email ( and/or via text. (Data rates may apply)
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I understand by adding my name to the BUYING DAYS Advance Notice list I will receive both an email and a text message notification that we are scheduling appointments for a BUYING DAY. I will receive a link to sign up for the BUYING DAY, if desired. *
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