Co-sign this Resolution for DSA to Organize Rallies & Strikes to Defend Womxn's Rights
Please co-sign this important resolution calling on DSA to take the lead in organizing mass resistance on the ground to fight attacks on abortion, strengthen the Womxn's Marches, and demand a socialist feminist agenda for womxn's liberation:

Authors: Harris Liebermann (Seattle), Evan Seitchik (Boston), Bianca Davis (Columbus)

WHEREAS at least 13 states passed laws this year restricting abortion, including Alabama where almost all abortion is banned without exceptions for rape or incest, and several states have passed “heartbeat” laws, and it is extremely likely that the abortion bans will be taken to the Supreme Court to challenge Roe v Wade;

WHEREAS Womxn, LGBTQ people, and feminists are fighting back through the online #MeToo movement, workplace walkouts to protest harassment, protests against abortion bans, and millions of people around the world participated in feminist strikes in the last three years.

WHEREAS Roe v Wade was decided by a Supreme Court with a majority of judges appointed by Republican presidents because there was a mass feminist movement and other movements demanding much more;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that when the Supreme Court agrees to review an abortion case that threatens the fundamental right to abortion, the national DSA leadership in collaboration with local DSA chapters and in alliance with other progressive organizations will contribute and initiate where needed to urgently organize national days of action, including the call for feminist strikes and mass protests, as the “Mass Strike for Reproductive Justice” resolution by Jen James, Tiffany Berruti, Natalie Adler, Ximena B. and Ena Lee outlines, to take place in as many cities possible;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that DSA will work with the Womxn’s March organization and reach out to other progressive forces such as Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, unions, and Our Revolution, to organize mass marches in January 2020, working to reverse the decline in participation over the last two years. If no marches are organized in any given city by larger groups, we encourage local DSA chapters to take the lead in organizing them; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, DSA seeks to help build a socialist feminist wing within the broader feminist movement. DSA encourages local chapters to organize public meetings shortly before or after the marches to popularize socialist feminism, as well as the following demands:

★ Medicare for All, including reproductive healthcare, birth control, abortion, and gender confirming medical care, free at the point of use for all residents in the US
★ Universal, high quality, public childcare and pre-K
★ 24 weeks paid parental leave
★ Mandatory scientific sex education in public schools, with a focus on consent and LGBTQ+ normalization
★ The establishment of a federal OSHA-style office that is fully empowered to investigate and take action against workplace sexual harassment. Any worker will be able to report workplace harassment to this office, which will be completely independent of their employer. While federally funded, investigations will be carried out by unions and gender justice organizations.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that DSA urges all its members elected to federal, state, and local political office to use their office and access to the media to build and promote these rallies, strikes, and demands; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that DSA will promote these rallies and demands as part of its independent Democratic Socialists for Bernie campaign, and will urge Bernie to promote these rallies, strikes, and demands as well.
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