Lancaster Intellectual Party/Summer Conference 2018
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TS 1. Design: Meg Parivar (LICA)
TS 2. Health, space and social practice: Stanley Blue (Sociology) and Yvonne Latham (LUMS)
TS 3. Infrastructures, governance and consumption: Benjamin Henchen (University of Frieberg)
TS 4. Laws, regulations, standards and ethics: Lindsey Hogg (Law School)
TS 5. Literature and Music: Sara Martinez (English Literature and Creative Writing)
TS 6. Methodological moments: Ceila Roberts (Sociology)
TS 7. The Arts and Social Change: Charlotte Baker (Languages and Cultures)
TS 8. Practice theory, actor network theory and related ideas: Elizabeth Shove (Sociology), Allison Hui (Sociology), Matt Watson (Sheffield University), Torik Holmes (Sociology), Josiane Fernandes (LUMS), Katy Mason (LUMS)
TS 9. Things digital: Daniel Richards (LICA) and Joe Deville (Sociology)
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You can apply to participate in one or more of the following workshops. The programme is complicated, so we might not be able to fit everyone in, but we will do our best.
LW 1. Collaborative Design:a practical exercise in design method: Meg Parivar (LICA)
LW 2. Actor network theory and practice theory: Torik Holmes (Sociology) and Josiane Fernandez (LUMS)
LW 3. Researching social practices: Elizabeth Shove (Sociology), Allison Hui (Sociology) and Matt Watson (Sheffield University)
LW 4. Workshop on methods and methodologies: Ceila Roberts (Sociology)
LW 5. Researching Health, Care and Well-being: Yvonne Latham (LUMS)
OW 1. Establishing an intellectual identity: Katy Mason (LUMS)
OW 2. Getting an academic job: led by who have got one including Dr Chih-Ling Liu (LUMS)
OW 3. Writing: Joanne Wood (Library)
OW 4. The life of a journal article: Caroline Gatrell (LUMS)
OW 5. Writing a research proposal: Claire O'Donnell (Research and Enterprise Services)
OW 6. Developing an academic paper or book chapter: Marian Iszatt-White (LUMS)
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