ACM Celebrations Registration 2018/2019
Please register your ACM Celebration of Women in Computing event here. Please use this form for events to be held from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. Minimum requirements for an event to be funded (please note that if you do not comply with these requirements, funding will not be granted):

1) The event must be at least one day in length (preferably 2 or more)
2) The event must be branded as an ACM event in the event's title (or subtitle).
3) Attendees must be drawn from several institutions and a Celebration should draw at least 100 attendees.
4) Events should loosely follow the Celebration model; keynotes, panel sessions, speakers, student presentations, poster session, career fair etc.
5) A summary of the event suitable for inclusion in a newsletter must be provided at the end of the event.

Celebration Name *
Please ensure that your Celebration is properly branded as an ACM Celebration. For example "The ACM Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing" or "The Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing, an ACM Celebration Event"
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Celebration Acronym
Acronyms are typically representative of the regional area + CWIC "Celebration of Women in Computing". This is only a convention and is not required.
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Date (if not known, provide approximate time of year)
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Geographical location *
Main geographical location from which you will draw your attendees
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Expected Number of Attendees (approximate)
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Primary Contact(s) Name(s) *
You may specify more than primary contact.
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Swag Address
Please specify an address to which we can ship promotional items to be distributed to your attendees. We need the name of the person who will receive the items, a full mailing address and a phone number.
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Do you wish to use ACM web space for your conference web page?
Would you like ACM to manage your finances?
ACM will set up an account for your conference. Sponsors can send cheques to ACM or wire money to the account. ACM will pay invoices for you from the account.
Is this the first ACM Celebration of Women conference in your area?
Please specify the main language(s) of your conference.
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Total expected budget for your event *
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Celebrations must draw attendees from more than one institution. Please provide a list of institutions from which you expect attendees. *
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