North Main Property Owner's Survey
This survey is designed to gauge what the ReHHUP Committee can do improve our grant and loan program for property owners and give them the opportunity to participate in community building in the North Main area outlined below. Your individual responses will not be shared with anyone outside the ReHHUP Committee. Instead, they will not only help us identify your needs and role in the community, but your neighbors' so that we can generate data about homeowner and landlord conditions in the area. Thank you for the help!
The North Main Project Area
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Are you a landlord, homeowner, or nonprofit?
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How long have you owned your property?
Are there investments you've made to the property yourself that you're particularly proud of?
Our program offers grants and 0% loans to property owners who undertake repairs or restoration projects on their property that are visible from the street. Typically we cover 1/3 of project costs as a grant and 1/3 as a loan. The homeowner is responsible for the remaining project costs. Do you think you will apply when the program launches?
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If you would be interested in a grant or loan to help with exterior renovations, which type of repairs would you be interested in?
How would you describe your relationship with your neighbors? (Do you know them? Do you ever assist each other? Do you feel welcome? Do you feel judged? Other?)
Is there something you would like to see change about your neighborhood? (Such as a sidewalk fixed in a particular location, a better relationship with your neighbors, or other changes?)
Would you be interested in attending or watching a neighborhood meeting about how to address issues like you discussed above? (Note: These meetings will start in the Summer of 2021).
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General Feedback: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us about the neighborhood, your property, or what would make you feel more engaged in the community? Any topics you'd want to learn about or discuss in community meetings?
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