FPU Natural Gas and Public Awareness Survey
This information is simply for Fayetteville Public Utilities' use in measuring the success of our communication and education efforts about the safe use of natural gas service.
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1. Which category best describes you? Check all that apply. *
2. Do you currently have natural gas service in your home? *
3. Do you know that you should call the Tennessee One Call number before you dig in order to professionally locate underground gas lines or other utility lines? *
4. With which Tennessee One Call Number are you most familiar? *
5. Do you know how to recognize a gas leak? *
If you answered yes to question 5 please check all the statements below that could potentially indicate  a gas leak. *
6. Do you know what to do in case of a natural gas emergency or suspected gas leak? *
If you answered yes to question 6 please select what you would do if you suspected a gas leak?
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7. Over the past year, do you recall either hearing a natural gas safety message on local radio or seeing an advertisement or article in any of our local print media? *
If you answered yes to question 7 please check all the boxes below where you recall receiving the information.
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