RVCC Commitment Survey
PLEASE READ the following so you can understand the questions:

Animal Rights Rochester is considering reopening the Rochester Vegan Community Center in central Rochester. This is a major commitment and in order to move forward we need to survey the community's interest and dedication to this long-term project.

ARRoc will have to make a one-year commitment to pay RVCC expenses of around $1500 per month, or $18,000 for the year. In addition, there will be several thousand dollars of startup expenses to ready the site. We feel this is potentially doable, but it will require a significant number of people to make RVCC a priority to the best of their ability, month after month. We want to know if you are interested in making that commitment. ARRoc can help RVCC get off the ground, but if it does not do well in the first year, we will not be able to maintain that level of subsidy, and it is unlikely the experiment will be repeated. If we don't receive sufficient commitment now, we will know where we stand and can move on to other projects.

Some people can commit to volunteer, some people can commit funds (whether donations or purchasing tickets), and some people can commit to attend free events. We hope there's a role for everyone to participate and make RVCC awesome. Please don't feel bad if you can't participate in every way the questions below ask - but we hope that if you answer yes to the first question, you can answer positively to helping RVCC return in at least one of the subsequent questions.

Planned events could include:
$25 professional make-and-take cooking demos on topics such as Sushi
$50 fundraiser dinners
$25? Chili Cookoff, No-RibFest, No-Chicken BBQ
Annual Open House ($3 donation)
Potlucks ($3 donation)
Roc Vegan Life support meetings ($3 donation)
Other ideas you suggest or coordinate

Prices are a work in progress. In answering below, of course you don't know if the event will interfere with your other plans - please just answer, how likely do you think it is that you would be able to attend based on your usual availability and the priority you place on the event?

Email address *
Your email address will only be used to let you know that the commitment you'd like to make is available (for instance, we're ready for volunteers). Would you also like to be added to the RVCC mailing list? This is the surest way to make sure you get updates, you can unsubscribe at any time, and we never share your email address. *
Would you like to see RVCC return?
Here is where we find out whether you are able and willing to commit to supporting RVCC financially every month.
In order to have a steady income that our fixed expenses demand, we would like to offer RVCC Memberships. The deal might be to sign up to pay $20 per month with a 1-year commitment. In return you would get to take $25 off of an event each month (see potential list in the opening remarks), non-transferable. (We understand that an unforseen life event may require you to cancel membership mid-year, but we hope this will be for emergencies only.) Will you sign up for this?
Would you be willing to pay a higher RVCC Patron Membership to help support the center, for extra perks? Perhaps $30/month would also get you a discount on venue rental or an RVCC T-shirt.
If you answered No to the two previous questions ($20 is too much), would you be interested in a $10/month RVCC Sponsorship which would get you just the perk(s)?
If you answered Yes to either of the two previous questions, let us know what sort of perk(s) would interest you.
Your answer
Would you purchase an RVCC T-shirt in your choice of style and color for $25?
Would you rent the 1,700 sq ft RVCC or its commercial kitchen for a few hours for $50/first hr, $30/subsequent hr, or $80/$50 for both the center and kitchen? This is for private parties or classes/events you run. If yes, which and how often?
Your answer
If you have a vegan business, would you be interested in sharing this space with us?
Perhaps you are unable to attend events and are interested in a straightforward donation. How much will you donate to RVCC the first year?
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