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Dive into the lives of the five great prophets known as the Ulul Azmi; as you learn about what made them who they are, why they are accorded such status, and how lessons from their lives can be transferred to the current era and imparted into our lives today.

Immerse yourself in the life of Nuh a.s. and his heartbreak at seeing his son perish in the great flood. Learn from Musa a.s. as he went through pain after pain with Bani Israel in his journey to bring them to the right path.

Date: 12 September 2018, Wednesdays
Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Location: Majid Al-Falah, Omar Salim Talib Classroom Level 1

Language: English
Murabbi: Ustaz Khairani Basiran

Payment: $50
*$40 only for Previous learners or tertiary students!

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