This year’s contest will include cash prizes as follows:

Mr. Boston Bear/Cub Winners: $1000, plus a title holders’ vest and patch. Winners are required to hold an Associate Membership in Mass Bears and Cubs and attend each meeting of the Governing Board of Mass Bears (currently held every other week).

First Runner Up: $250

Second Runner Up: $100

Thank you for your interest in participating in this year’s return of the Mr. Boston Bear/Cub Competition. We are sure you will find this a fun and rewarding experience. Answers may be used by the emcee in describing you to the audience.
Please select which title you would select if you are the winner:
1. Applicant must be available for a Meet and Greet to be held at the Alley Bar in Boston on Friday, October25, 2019, at 8:00 p.m. and lasting until midnight.

2. Applicant must be available for a rehearsal at the Alley Bar in Boston on Saturday, October 26, 2019, 2:00 p.m., until 5:00 p.m., and be back at the bar no later than 8:00 p.m. for the contest. There will be a pre-judging interview with the judges at 3:00 p.m. Mass Bears and Cubs will HAVE A MAXIMUM OF TEN CONTESTANTS (FIVE CONTESTANTS WHO WOULD SELECT MR. BOSTON BEAR 2020, AND FIVE CONTESTANTS WOULD WOULD SELECT MR. BOSTON CUB 2020 AS THEIR TITLE). YOU WILL BE PUT ON A WAIT LIST IF FULL IN THE TITLE YOU ARE INTERESTED IN. Only one winner will be chosen, and that winner will be awarded the title which they indicate they select above.

3. All contestants must sign a consent/release (waiver) that you agree to the possible use of photographs and/or video taken during the event, in any or all future Mr. Boston Bear and Mr. Boston Cub, Mass Bears and Cubs and/or Alley Bar or other partner events, publicity materials, promotions and/or respective websites and/or other purposes to promote the groups as previously noted.

4. Contestants must be at least 21 years of age as of October 24, 2019, identify as male, able to make a commitment to MBC events, and reside within the New England 6 state region. Mass Bears and Cubs will verify residency determined by a current valid driver’s license or government issued photo ID.

5. Judges and/or the Board of Mass Bears and Cubs have the right to determine if inappropriate behavior, by any
contestant at any time, may be the result of drug or alcohol abuse. Judges and/or the Board of Mass Bears and Cubs have the right to eliminate any contestant as a result of the above, or for any behavior they deem inappropriate, which causes disruption of any kind before and/or during the event.

6. All contestants agree to participate in an opening and possible closing act(s), theatrical skits of up to 15 minutes each.

7. There will be no public exposure of genitalia or bare buttocks at any time before, during or after the event.

8. Informal mingling between contestants and judges is allowed, however private fraternization or any sexual misconduct by contestant and/or judges is prohibited and subject to immediate elimination for the duration of competition.
Mr. Boston Bear/Mr. Boston Cub earns the opportunity to represent, with pride, the Bear Community of Boston, the State of Massachusetts and the New England region. He becomes an Ambassador for Mass Bears and Cubs.

Mass Bears and Cubs encourages Mr. Boston Bear and/or Mr. Boston Cub to become leaders within our community. A titleholder can create and inspire events on his own during his year with assistance from Mass Bears and Cubs. He can also attend events and spread good will throughout the Bear Community.

1. The winner of Mr. Boston Bear 2020/Mr. Boston Cub 2020 title agrees to attend Mr. Boston Bear 2021 competition.

2. Titleholders are encouraged to attend Mass Bears and Cubs events, Pride events, Bear functions, charitable fund raisers, and/or sponsored events, for the general good of the gay Bear Community in New England. As the Mr. Boston Bear or Cub 2020 titleholder, you may be asked to be a judge or an emcee for future events by Mass Bears and Cubs or other groups in New England.

3. Should anything prevent the Mr. Boston Bear or Cub 2020 titleholder from fulfilling his role in the Bear Community, the first runner up will assume the 2020 title. This is solely at the discretion of Mass Bears and Cubs Governing Boards.

4. The winner of Mr. Boston Bear/Mr. Boston Cub 2020 must participate as an Associate Member in the Mass Bears and Cubs organization and attend each meeting of the Governing Board (currently held every other week). This Associate Membership is required for the duration of the title year.

5. Our past titleholders have established their own signature events and charity fundraisers and participated in large community events. These activities must be approved by Mass Bears and Cubs Board of Directors.

6. The primary expectation of the Mr. Boston Bear or Cub competition winners during their title year is to conduct themselves as positive role model. Violation of this expectation may result in forfeiture of their title. Titleholders are prohibited from entering any other contest during their title year.
Note: Information below is excerpted from the document “Mr. Boston Bear and Cub 2019 Scoring Summary of Events” and will be made available to all contestants after acceptance of the application. Scoring will be completed by qualified judges chosen by Mass Bears and Cubs. The Olympic Scoring System will be utilized (details will be provided to all contestants.)
Meet and Greet: 8pm – Friday October 25th– The Alley Bar.
Contestants are expected to socialize and sell raffle tickets for charity for this event and introduce yourself to Alley Bar patrons and encourage them to attend the competition the following night.
Pre-Judging Interview: 2pm on Saturday October 26th– The Alley Bar.
Contestants will be individually interviewed by judges in private. The pre-judging interview will be worth up to a maximum of 300 points. This is the time for all contestants to greet the judges, shake hands, and sell themselves as a credible choice for Mr. Boston Bear/Cub 2020.
The public competition will begin at 9pm. All contestants must be back at the Alley Bar at 8pm.
Note: There will be an official dressing room. Please consider changes of clothes for the first and third segments by making use of the facilities for this to happen. Our stage manager will work with each contestant’s individual needs for changing and/or optional props if desired.
First Segment
Casual Bear: The emcee will provide basic stats about the contestant. Contestants will speak to judges and audience about themselves including information about themselves and their fantasies. This has a time limit of 1 minute. Casual clothes, “Bear Wear” is encouraged. You are being scored on stage poise and presence. This segment is worth up to a maximum of 100 points.
Second Segment
Bear Minimum: Use your imagination, swim wear or underwear is acceptable. No jocks, no genital exposure. Contestants are encouraged to move about on or off the stage. During this event, each contestant will take the stage fully clothed. There will be a specific song from a playlist for each contestant. The nature of this event is similar to a strip tease. There is no requirement for the choices of clothing to be or which may be removed. Removal of some clothing is encouraged. Clothing removed is gathered and protected. This segment is worth up to a maximum of 300 points.
Third Segment
Bear Talk: Contestant will deliver a 1-2 minute speech on a community focused topic to be given to the contestant during the Saturday afternoon session. Time limit will be strictly enforced. This segment is worth up to a maximum of 300 points.
Following the competition, there will be a victory celebration at TBA starting at 1pm, Sunday October 27th, and Victory TDance at TBA starting at 6pm. Competition winners are expected to attend.
Applicant Information – Confidential
Full Name (Last, First, MI)
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Zip Code
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First name you wish to use for contest:
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Tell Us About Yourself
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Eye Color
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Hair Color
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Facial Hair
Body Hair
Describe with detail, your ideal fantasy man or fantasy? (Min 250 – Max 300 words) (Your fantasy will be described by the Emcee or yourself during the first segment of the competition)
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Something else about you that people should know?
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The most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done is:
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Favorite body part (either on yourself or someone else, be creative) and why?
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Information provided below may be abbreviated and used at the discretion of the Emcee
Do you hold any previous contest titles?
If yes, which?
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Do you maintain any Bear/Leather/Gay Club membership? Organizations you are active in?
If yes, which?
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Occupation (optional):
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Current Relationship Status (optional):
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What hobbies, or interests do you have?
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Favorite vacation spots:
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What do you identify yourself as? (i.e. bear, cub, bear hunter, other)
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Why do you want to be Mr. Boston Bear 2020 or Mr. Boston Cub 2020?
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What would you like to do, if you win the title, to promote the Bear Community?
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Disclaimer and Signature
Please read the following statements:

 I have read, understand and meet all the contestant eligibility requirements for Mr. Boston
Bear/Cub 2020.

 I have read, understand and agree to all the expectations of the Mr. Boston Bear/Cub 2020

 I understand that any or all photographs and/or video taken of contestants during the event or photo shoots organized later by Mass Bears and Cubs may be used in any and all Mr. Boston Bear, Mr. Boston Cub, Contests, Mass Bears and Cubs events, and venues where these events take place, promotional materials, and/or events including respective website and social media. All video and photographs of contestants and competition winner(s) may be used in promotional materials for future events.

 Mass Bears and Cubs allows the winner of the competition to choose their title (either Mr. Boston Bear 2020 or Mr. Boston Cub 2020)
By entering your full name below and submitting this form, you are certifying that you have read and agree to the above information.
Please enter full name below
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Other Information
All interested contestants may save and reprint this form.

Applications can also be printed and emailed to

Or send by US mail to:
Mass Bears and Cubs
57 Myrtle Street #4R
Boston, MA 02114

Any special requests or questions please contact us at

Thank you for your interest and participation

C. Shawn Mims – President
Louis Lobato – Vice President
Tony Caggiano – Secretary
Peter Kim – Member-At-Large
Ray Garcia – Member-At-Large
Robert Colon - Member-At-Large
Jason Sheridan – Member-At-Large
Arthur Otolo – Member-At-Large/Mr. Boston Cub 2018
Jay Saulnier – Member-At-Large/Mr. Boston Cub 2019
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