Ahuja Group: Official Partner Application Form
We look forward to having like-minded, passionate and aspirational businesses and individuals join our family !
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What is the name and address of your company, please? *
What is the constitution of your company, please? Furnish documents/particulars required in the annexure, as may be applicable. *
Date of Registration and Commencement of Business: *
Are you manufacturing? *
If Yes, please specify products manufactured:
Are you trading? *
If Yes, please specify products marketed or serviced
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Details of current business which is having synergy with the products for which dealership is applied. *
Name and Business of the Sister / Associate Concern *
Annual Sales Turnover for the past 5 years. (In the case of a Pvt. Ltd. Company or a Public Limited Company, enclose audited balance sheet for five years) *
Existing / infrastructure facilities: Office/Warehouse/Service : Specify: Location, Covered Area (Sq.m), Open Area (Sq.m) *
Details of Office Equipment (PC's etc.), Servicing/Repairing Equipment currently available *
Details of Business Assets: Current and Proposed after the addition of Ahuja Group dealership. 1. Land and Buildings 2. Equipment 3. Fixed Assets 4. Stocks 5. Others     *
Details of Business Finance: Current Level and Proposed Addition for Ahuja Group  dealership: A) Own Fundings    B) Borrowings     *
Bankers with Account Number, Address, IFSC Code and Exposure (Borrowing, if any) *
Details of Manpower: Current Level and Proposed Addition for Ahuja Group Dealership with No of People, Educational Qualification, Experience, Work Profile etc. *
Territories in which you propose to operate (in the order of preference), with a plan of how you will cover the same? *
Any other useful information/ data you would like to provide? *
We declare that we have read the terms and conditions enclosed in the application form and accept the same. We hereby declare that the details furnished by us in the application are true and we have not withheld any material information. In the event ‘ at future date,’ if it revealed that any material information is being suppressed by us, notwithstanding any condition to contrary, the agency/dealership is liable to be terminated by Ahuja Group *
I accept to provide the following documents immediately: ANNEXURE: PROPRIETARY CONCERN 1. Name and Full address of the person. 2. Details of any branch/contact offices. 3. Solvency of the proprietor/property owned with details. 4. Details of Banker (S). 5. Other clients for whom the proprietor is rendering service. 6. If the concern is changed from the status of proprietorship to a Firm or a Company, prior intimation to be given along with the details relevant to a Firm/Company. Also, a confirmation that the contracts will be performed by the Firm/Company, as the case may be and all documentation as may be required by Ahuja Group to be executed/furnished afresh. 7. Particulars of statutory registrations, certificates, licenses, permits such as GST /Income-Tax/Permanent Account No., etc.PARTNERSHIP FIRM 1. Partnership Deed (existing as on date), Notary attested copy along with the attested copy of the Certificate of Registration. Capital structure and shares of Profit / Losses. 2. The present composition of partners (Extract from the Registry). 3. Address/Tel. No. of Registered Office of the firm and each of the partners. 4. List of Branch Offices, if any, with details, contact office/person in charge. 5. Confirm that a MINOR is not admitted to the firm and will not be admitted in the future without our prior approval. 6. Undertaking that change in the partners and change in the constitution of the firm will be intimated in advance. 7. Property Owned by the firm/partners. 8. Details of other clients whom the firm represents. 9. Name of Banker(S).10. Estimated annual turnover.11. Particulars of statutory registrations, certificates, licenses, permits, GST/Income-Tax/Permanent Account No., etc.PRIVATE LIMITED/ LIMITED COMPANY 1. Memorandum & Articles of Association, containing Certificate of Incorporation and date of com¬mencement of business. 2. Share capital (paid-up) and list of Directors on the Board. (Any change of Directors to be inti-mated) 3. Registered Office of the Company-Address / Tel. No. 4. List of Branch Offices with details or contact office/person in charge. 5. Confirm by resolution, indicated the Directors who are individually authorized to deal with Ahuja Group. 6. Change in the constitution to be intimated and confirm that it will not affect the contract with Ahuja Group. 7. Details of other clients whom the Company represents. 8. Name of Banker (S). 9. Estimated Annual turnover and copy of the balance sheet attested by the Auditor. 10. Particulars of statutory registrations, certificates, licenses, permits, such as GST /Income-Tax/ Permanent Account No. Mandatory Details: 1. List of existing customers 2. Company Profile *
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