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PAs are typically Cadette/Ambassador Girl Scouts or young adults under the age of 20 who are working to develop their leadership skills. Being a Program Aide gives them experience in developing communication and teaching skills while working with younger Girl Scouts under the supervision and guidance of an older and more experienced adult volunteer.
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Below are Kayak's basic policies, procedures and rules. This is a good overview of what would be expected of you as a volunteer with our camp. Handbooks are available digitally for all approved volunteers (physical copies will be located at camp for your use and reference). Please read these thoroughly and type your name below indicating you understand. Thank you.

We do not allow campers to be assigned to the same unit their parent is in. Through many years of experience, we have found that this leads to a much more fun and rewarding camp experience for both the camper and the volunteer. Exceptions can be made as campers mature and volunteers gain experience, on a case-by-case basis, with Director approval.

No pets permitted on Scout property unless cleared for special circumstances.

No alcohol, drugs or firearms permitted on Scout property.

Smoking (by adults only) in designated areas only, (parking lot, Forest Glade or Pine Ridge, when girls aren't present).

No glass containers allowed in camp.

Vehicles are not permitted in units except for emergency vehicles which are permitted at the following units: Totem, Ark, Yurt, Pioneer, Hacienda and Primitive. 

Emergency vehicles are not used for personal use and to be used only for emergencies. If your vehicle is the Emergency Vehicle and you need to go to town, you need to either find alternate transportation or put into place an alternate emergency vehicle.

Volunteer vehicles need to be parked in the upper lot or another alternate location during camper check-in and check-out. Vehicles can be moved closer to the camp entrance upon completion of check-in/check-out.

Keys to automobiles are kept in the lodge on the "key board" for risk management and evacuation purposes.

NO ELECTRONICS or two-way radios for personal use with the exception of "flat cameras" which are only to be used for taking photos! WEAR A WATCH - no phones for timekeeping. Music/radio will only be allowed in kitchen by Pack-Out and at Ulali. Those playing music/radio will use discretion and turn it down when campers are in the area. Volunteer iPODs, iPADs, computers, Kindles etc. can only be used at Ulali, Upper Tilakum or upstairs above lodge kitchen.

No candy or gum around camp. During breaks, pop and personal snacks should be consumed at Upper Tilakum only and not taken to units.

Food for campers will be provided by Pack-Out only. YOUR FOOD SHOULD NOT be shared with campers (liability issue)!

Site boundaries are to be discussed by units.

No campers allowed at Upper Tilakum or Ulali except on special errands or illness.  No campers allowed inside either location without an adult present. Campers are to knock and be invited inside.

Buddy System enforced at all times. No girl should ever be alone. If found alone, take her to Ulali or a Director where she'll stay until a unit leader picks her up.

Whistles are to be worn at all times and blown in emergency situation only.

Special care and consideration should be used by all campers near other units. Do not run through other campsites and do not interfere with other unit's personal things.

No running at camp, unless in the field or road around camp.

Swimming and boating only during scheduled times with qualified lifeguards (exceptions to be made at Waterfront Director's discretion, ie canoe sleep). Camper showers are scheduled.

Horseplay, rough housing and practical jokes are all considered unacceptable behavior .

Flag Ceremonies are to be attended by ALL campers and volunteers, including FAW.

Adult volunteers leaving camp must verbally let someone know AND sign out and in at Ulali on sign-out sheet.

Volunteers are expected to take a minimum of a 2 hour break each day, free from immediate responsibility for campers. Volunteers understand that depending on camp placement, breaks may not occur until evenings. Unit leaders must take their breaks during the program day and coordinate breaks with co-leaders (unless special arrangements have been made in advance).

Camp telephones are off limits to campers including volunteer's children. Adults use discretion; senior helpers must clear usage with Directors.

NO CELL PHONES IN CAMP except when being used as a "flat camera". If you must use, call from parking lot or behind Ulali. DO NOT ALLOW CAMPERS TO USE YOUR CELL PHONE OR FLAT CAMERA FOR ANY REASON.

Showers available in Upper Tilakum 7 AM-10 PM. Lights out 10 PM. All quiet 10:30 PM. THIS APPLIES TO EVERYONE.

In case your daughter has to be sent home, have a backup person available to pick her up. ARRANGE THIS PRIOR TO CAMP!

No open toed shoes EXCEPT in "the triangle" (boating to swimming to shower house). The only exception is for campers/volunteers assigned to Lower Tilakum in which case they can go from boating to swimming to Lower Tilakum.

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