Cooloola Coastcare Membership Application
Being a member of Coastcare allows you to take a more active role in the official operations of the organization. You will be a voting member and invited to attend all general meetings where decisions are made about what we will be doing at any given time. Membership is $20/family/year.

To sign up as a member, finish filling out this form and then direct debit your $20 dollars to our bank account.
Cooloola Coastcare Association Bank Details - BSB - 084952 Account number: 535161302
*****Be sure to add your name to the description field of the transaction so we know you have paid the membership fee.

Once we receive your membership fee we will add you to our membership list and email you a receipt.
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Other adults in household that should be added as members.
Please add first and last name of any other adults, living in the household, that should be included with this membership. If other household adults have a mobile phone number and email address we would love to have these too, if they are willing.
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