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We’re Miranj, a web design and development studio in New Delhi.

Through this form you can apply for the role of a web developer position at Miranj. Please note that we’re looking for a candidate who has played a core role in developing at least 3-4 sizeable websites (two or three month long projects) using any CMS (popular ones are WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, but any other such as SquareSpace, Shopify, Craft, Statamic, Kirby, Bolt, Magento, etc. work just as well). You should be skilled in front-end (HTML/CSS/JS), comfortable with PHP+MySQL (at the backend) and should be experienced in coding themes and templates from scratch (as opposed to modifying an existing theme). Please DO NOT apply if you don’t have adequate work experience as described.

Full job description and further details:

This application requires you to submit links to 3 projects (live websites) along with describing your role in each of the projects. Your application will not be eligible if we are unable to browse the websites, or if they are not built using a CMS or if you have not adequately described your contribution in those projects.

All the best.

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