Returning to In-Person Worship at SFCC
As Spring approaches and cases of Covid-19 continue to decline in our area, Smithville First Christian Church is exploring the possibility of returning to in-person worship as early as April 18th, 2021 (with live-streaming online of each service for those who choose to continue watching from home). We need your input to help inform our decision. Resuming in-person services will require added energy, volunteer participation, and planning. The purpose of this survey is to help us determine if there is interest, energy, and volunteers to make this happen, as well as to inform you of the details of our plan.

**Before you take the survey, please take time to review how the plan would be carried out:

-Masks and hand sanitizing required before admittance.

-Prepackaged elements will be distributed to those wishing to receive communion as they enter the sanctuary.

-Worshipers will be directed to their seating (every other pew is empty) with members of their household and social distancing between each group.

-During this initial return phase, capacity for each service will be 50 people. Reservations will be required and must be requested by 11 am on Friday. If more than 50 people sign up for a Sunday, a randomizer will be used to select those individuals/families that get slots for Sunday. Anyone who does not receive a slot will automatically receive priority for the following Sunday. You will be contacted by Saturday afternoon if you DO NOT get a spot -- no news means you DO have one.

-Electronic offering will be encouraged (available from your smartphone). Physical offerings will be received at the end of worship to be placed in baskets as worshipers exit the sanctuary.

-The sanctuary and restrooms will be sanitized after each worship gathering.

-Food and beverages will not be permitted.

-Persons in attendance will be expected to leave the building shortly after the conclusion of the service.
Since the onset of the pandemic, I have: (check one) *
Once SFCC returns to in-person worship, I plan to: (check one) *
Are you able to watch a worship service online? *
Recognizing that childcare and children's ministry won't be offered in this initial phase of re-opening, how might this affect your family's participation? *
Before I return to in-person services, I need: (check all that apply) *
Including myself, the number in my household attending worship would be: *
I am willing to volunteer to: (optional, check all that apply):
I agree to the following Covenant for In-Person Worship: (please check EACH statement to indicate you have read and understood) *
For those who cannot or do not choose to return to in-person worship, how can SFCC best support your continued online worship experience?
Please share any comments or thoughts that you believe are important for us to consider when making decisions about returning to in-person worship.
Thank you for completing this survey and for being a beloved part of our community at Smithville First Christian Church!
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