Art Trail Application for Existing Members
Reading the guidelines before you fill out this form is necessary, as the questions below are explained. Find the guidelines at
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Remove Street Address?
Some artists are choosing to not list their street address if they know they will not be welcoming visitors. If you remove it, it will be removed from the brochure and, and the map .
Changes to Street Address
If you have a new street address (and want it listed), write it here.
Need another location to show?
If you would like to show your work live during Special Event weekends, or First Saturdays, Do you need suggestions for another location other than your home or studio?
Brochure Statement Update
If you would like to change your Brochure statement, please write it here (30 word limit)
Website Statement Update?
If you would like to change your statement, please write it here (250 word limit)
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Do you plan on inviting visitors to your studio or location during Special Event weekends or First Saturdays? (if Covid allows): This is not a commitment. You can change your mind at any time.
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Would you like to take place in virtual events on Special Events weekends? Those can include showing your work, your studio, panel discussion, and more. This is not a commitment.
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