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If you already have a signed agreement with Dead Lead Machine then you can enter your Dead Leads here or in the Google Shared Spreadsheet that you have been invited access to. You do NOT need to add your leads to both locations, so please just add to this Dead Lead Form or the Google Shared Spreadsheet. If you have more than one or two Dead Leads to add then you may want to consider using the Google Shared Spreadsheet. If you did not get an invite for the Google Shared Spreadsheet please email

A couple of comments regarding the questions below:

Property owner number - if you have multiple numbers that is no problem, you can separate them with a / - example: 123-456-7891 / 567-896-1234 - this shows 2 separate phone numbers and they are separated by /. Please put the leads mobile number first and then followed by any other numbers.

Detailed notes section - this is where you tell us where the lead came from, have you already made contact but they couldn't do a wholesale, why couldn't they, anything you can share about your communications with them and why you couldn't do a deal with them is great so please add as many notes as you can.

Please let us know if you have any questions and/or need assistance.
Thank you, Dead Lead Machine Team
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Detailed Notes (any additional info you can share - condition - vacant, rented or occupied by owner - price if for sale - distressed y/n - etc *
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