Virtual Puppet Camp Call for Proposals: America West, UK & Ireland, America Central, Singapore, Netherlands
Do you have a great idea or success story you want to share with your fellow Puppeteers? Have you developed a useful solution using Puppet technologies that your peers would benefit from? We want to hear your stories—what worked, how you overcame challenges, and what you learned through the process.

Please submit your talks for:
* Puppet Camp America West - 25 June 2020
* Puppet Camp UK & Ireland - 2 July 2020
* Puppet Camp America Central - 24 September 2020
* Puppet Camp Singapore - 8 October 2020
* Puppet Camp Netherlands - 15 October 2020

Virtual Puppet Camps are half-day, one-track events held around the world for Puppet practitioners and people working in teams that use Puppet. Join us— they're fun! Puppet Camps feature speakers passing on their best practices and brings the local community of Puppet users together to share knowledge. Learn more:

** Puppet Camp Talks**
The content is focused on technical talks (30 minutes with ~20 minutes of presentation and ~10 minutes for Q&A) for practitioners; we don't accept sales-y product pitches. Here are some topics to consider:
* Scaling DevOps practices
* Hybrid cloud deployments
* Cloud-native application delivery
* Ensuring security and compliance policies at scale
* Modernizing legacy infrastructure and applications

If you're not sure if it's a good fit, just submit it! We're excited to see what you have to share.

** How talks will be accepted **
Our CFP committee will review submissions and accept talks on a rolling basis until the deadline. The deadline to submit for each camp is listed below:
* Puppet Camp America West - 4 June 2020
* Puppet Camp UK & Ireland - 11 June 2020
* Puppet Camp America Central - 3 September 2020
* Puppet Camp Singapore - 17 September 2020
* Puppet Camp Netherlands - 24 September 2020

We encourage you to submit early!

** Would you like feedback on your talk idea?**
We're happy to bounce ideas in the #puppet-camps room in the Puppet Community Slack, ( You can also email community@puppet.

** Have questions? **
Please reach out to community@puppet or chat with us in the #puppet-camps room of the Puppet Community Slack, (
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