Run Jump Throw and Club Induction Evening (U11-U15)
Dear Athletes and Parents,

This is for you to select which induction evening you would like to attend.

These are for both athletes and parents, though the athletes will leave half-way through to do some activities and experience the coaching of either RJT or their usual groups.

Inductions are mandatory for any athlete wanting to join the Run Jump Throw set up as to explain the following:

• What is RJT, How has it come about, How does it work, Why is it needed?
• Athlete Pathways - GK, Youth Endurance, where RJT sits within the club
• Where this fits alongside the UKA/England Athletics Athlete Development Model and Athletics 365 curriculum
• Club personnel - contacts
• How you can support (your child/ren and the club)
• Plus any other questions you would like answered

The presentation will start promptly at 5:45pm and should finish by 7pm if not earlier, depending on questions and answers.

Due to space in the clubhouse we are limited to 50 people per induction evening (25 or so athletes with a parent).

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