Revolutionary Workplace Quick Scan
This is an abridged Free High Performance Workplace assessment - I took 2 minutes to complete - You can do it  in less than 4 minutes. Thanks for your time.  (100% confidentiality Promise) - Please share your gut responses - WE PROMISE to keep your personal information 100% safe & confidential - Boy Scouts Honor!  
Rating scale  1 is LOWEST.  10 is BEST - or anywhere in between 0 to 10.
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Are you ready to be part of Creating a Positive, Passionate, High Performance Workplace that supports PEOPLE, Planet & Profit?
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Revolutionary Workplace High Performance Quick Quiz
Does your company have the potential to be an exponential impact organization?
1. I’m proud of how we make profits and the value we deliver? *
2. I would refer my best friend to come and work here? *
3. I feel fairly rewarded for the value I bring? *
4. I feel respected, appreciated and valued regularly? *
5. We have high trust levels at work? *
6. I have everything I need to do good work? *
7. My manager truly seems to care about me as a person? *
8. We have high morale and great team spirit? *
9. It is safe to innovate, make suggestions or make mistakes at work? *
10. My leaders & managers have very high integrity and honesty? *
11. I have good work relationships with everyone in my team? *
12. I leave my workplace in a state of peace at the end of each day? *
13. We have the right people in the right positions for high performance teamwork? *
14. We are inclusive and have no racism or politics/back stabbing at work? *
15. I can use my passion and talents at work to achieve my full potential *
16. Our leaders inspire and energise us to go the extra mile? *
17. We have fair and good leadership at work? *
18. Managers and leaders walk their talk and live the company values and vision? *
19. Staff have high resilience and the right attitudes /mindsets to handle the everyday challenges? *
20.  My relationship with my supervisor or manger is excellent? *
21.  Conflicts are handled positively and swiftly in my workplace? *
22. I get real MEANING from the work I do? *
23.  Our business values and Approach Supports People, Planet and Profits *
24. Given the right circumstances or rewards – I’m open to find a better company/ New Job position? *
25. What 3 changes would make your company into GREAT place to work, or a positive REVOLUTIONARY High Performance Workplace? *
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