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Hey there!
So you'd like to use the MMU practice space?  That's great.  First we just need you to give us a bit of information and agree to the terms below.  

If you aren't familiar with the space, it is located in the facilities building.  You can find it by just finding the base of the smoke stack and walking up the set of concrete steps to the door on the left, where you'll find a keypad.  Once you've filled out this form, we'll enter your ID number in there (0's omitted) and this will be the passcode to get you in.  You'll find a few amps, a drum set, and a PA available for public use in there as well as several closets available for you to store music stuff free of charge.

Terms of Use:

1. Respect all equipment, both shared MMU equipment and personal equipment left in the space.  We have a limited budget, so the more we can take care of what we have the more cool stuff we can get.

2. The practice space MAY NOT BE USED BETWEEN 9AM AND 5PM ON WEEKDAYS.  There are office workers directly above the space who don't take kindly to your face-melting licks during their work day.  They've proven that they won't hesitate to call public safety if there is music below them.

3. No equipment can be removed form the space without the express permission of an MMU officer (in the case of MMU equipment) or (and this should be obvious) its owner if it's someone's personal stuff.

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Do you agree to the above terms?  This is important.  If you can't agree to respect the space then, sorry, but we don't want you in there. *
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