Bluewater Beef Order Form
NOTE: We have a waiting list for the following cuts that are included in our boxed packs:
PLEASE ORDER BELOW AND YOU WILL BE ADDED TO THE WAITLIST. If your beef products are available earlier, we will contact you.

*** ALSO NOTE: For all deliveries during the COVID-19 state of emergency, we ask that you put a cooler outside your front door and we will put your order in the cooler for you. You must pay via e-transfer with details that will be emailed to you when delivery is ready. If you cannot pre-pay via e-transfer, then we ask that you leave an envelope with cash in the cooler for us to pick up during the pre-arranged delivery time frame.

After you fill out this order request we will box up your order as soon as product is available, then confirm pricing and delivery (or pick up) with you via phone or email. We won't know the exact price of your order until we put it together. We aim to get your order to you within a couple of weeks but that depends on availability. If you have any questions, please contact us at (519) 864-4131 or
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Our preferred method of payment is via e-transfer before we deliver. Once we confirm your price with you we will send you a password, then you can send your payment to:

If you cannot send payment via e-transfer ahead of time, we will accept cash or debit cards upon delivery (no credit cards accepted).
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