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Thanks for your interest in StandWatch Academy. Before we can move forward with the fun stuff, I need to know a little bit about you. Don't worry, this won't take long. Z
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Preferred Expedition Month
In 2019, we will be coordinating meetings with various business executives from top companies around the country who have busy schedules. Our travel dates and destinations are not set in stone at this point. As we get closer to the beginning of the year, locations and dates will be finalized. Realizing that we can only take eight to ten students on each expedition, it's best to get your name on the list now, with your preferred travel month. NOTE: The travel date for each class follows 30 days after the Shockwave academic portion is completed. For instance, the January class travels at the end of February; the February class travels at the end of March, etc.
What month would you like to schedule your expedition? (You can select more than one.) *
Are you interested in participating in the StandWatch Talk in January? *
Our expeditions involve fantastic indoor and outdoor activities. The following questions are intended to give me a better understanding of your interests and capabilities. There are no wrong answers here, and you will not be included or excluded based on your responses.
Do you like to read?
What is your current GPA in school? Note: Your answer will not qualify or disqualify you. We will accept students who display maturity and intelligence during the interview process regardless of their grade point average. *
Physical Fitness
We do A LOT of walking on the expeditions, sometimes over very challenging terrain; we hike above 10,000 feet in the Rockies, through the desert in Utah, and raft in really cold water in Colorado. As such, I need to get an understanding of your general physical fitness. Your answer here will not qualify or disqualify you, so answer honestly.
What is the longest distance you have ever walked or hiked? *
If I told you that, today, you need to go out and walk 20 miles, can you do it? *
Do you have any physical limitations that might prevent you from doing a strenuous outdoor activity? NOTE: Answering yes to this is not an automatic disqualifier. *
If you answered yes to the previous question, please explain.
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Tell me what the 40% rule is? Do you believe it? *
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Your answers to these questions will help me gain a better understanding of your previous experiences and how they fit with StandWatch Academy's goals and objectives.
What was the largest group of people you have ever spoken to? *
If you had to choose, what activity would you like to do the most? *
Leadership Traits
These questions will help us get a handle on your potential leadership style. Please read each one and select an answer.
Over the last 14 days, how many times have you been late to school (be honest)?
When was the last time you turned an assignment in late?
Situation: You have an assignment due but you are having trouble getting it done by the deadline. What do you do?
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When circumstances change, I struggle with deciding how to adjust. *
I feel threatened when someone criticizes me *
I ask people to do things that I will not do myself. *
I'm optimistic about life and can see beyond temporary setbacks and problems. *
When working with a team, I want to be recognized for my contributions. *
I am comfortable making decisions with limited information. *
If I ask five of your classmates to pick three words that describe you, what would they say? *
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