2021 Real Life Families Board of Directors Survey
Please share some info about yourself! This will go out to the other board members so we can learn a bit about you. It also will be used to share info about you to the community we serve on our website: https://reallifefamilies.org/about-us/. This will also give us an opportunity to find out where you hope to serve on the board this year. Remember we are a team and we will all work together to accomplish our goals as an organization.

We also would love a photo of you (and/or your family). Please send that to reallifefamilies.org@gmail.com
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For serving on an RLF Committee, what would be your first choice?
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Which committee would be your second choice?
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Which committee would be your third choice?
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Would you be willing to lead your committee? (Remember that most committee work can be done through email or texting. Any additional meetings would be as needed only. We would just need someone to make sure that the goals are getting done and report back to the board.)
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