The Manchester Pride Festival 2018 Survey
We care about your experience at The Manchester Pride Festival and The Big Weekend.

To help us continue to develop a world class Pride event we can all be proud of, please spare a few moments to reflect on this year's event and you could win two VIP tickets to the new look Manchester Pride Festival 2019, we'll also include one night's stay in a hotel!

Thank you!

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How did you hear about Manchester Pride's The Big Weekend?
Have you attended any other Pride events in 2018?
Did you go to any other festivals other than The Big Weekend, this year?
How much do you typically spend on event tickets each year?
When did you buy your ticket for The Big Weekend 2018
How would you rate The Big Weekend in terms of value for money?
Too Expensive
Great Value
Which parts of The Manchester Pride Festival did you attend?
What is your favourite element of The Festival?
Does the artist line-up affect your decision to buy a ticket?
Without a doubt
No way, I'd be there regardless
How would you rate the Main Stage line-up over The Big Weekend?
How would you rate the Dance Arena line-up over The Big Weekend?
How would you rate Sackville Gardens Boutique Stage line-up over The Big Weekend?
What was your favourite performance at The Big Weekend?
Who would you most like to see perform at The Manchester Pride Festival
How would you rate The Parade?
Did you think there was a good mix of community and commercial entries?
What Parade theme would you like to see in the future?
Did you attend The Candlelit Vigil
Did you visit The Expo?
If yes, how would you best describe your experience of The Expo?
Did you attend any of the new events at The Big Weekend?
How would you rate the new events?
Off - key
The Greatest Show
How would you rate The Superbia Weekend (if attended)?
How would you rate information about The Big Weekend on Social Media?
How would you rate the event bar service over The Big Weekend (this only refers to the bars in the staged arenas and not bars in The Village)?
How did you rate the food offered at The Big Weekend (this only refers to mobile catering, not the food offer in The Village)
What is your favourite part of The Big Weekend?
Would you recommend The Big Weekend to your friends?
Would you attend The Big Weekend if there was only one performance area in Sackville Gardens?
Did you know there was a headline sponsor of The Big Weekend?
What did you do after the stages closed each night?
Do you think the performance areas should stay open later?
Which days do you attend The Big Weekend?
Where did you stay over The Big Weekend?
How did you get to The Big Weekend?
If travelling from outside of Manchester, how did you get to the city?
Do you travel around the city during the festival?
Did you use the free city zone offer from Metrolink?
How much did you spend during The Manchester Pride Festival? (Including hotels, food & drink etc..)
Did you know that Manchester Pride is a charity?
Is the weather a deciding factor when considering attending The Big Weekend?
Overall, how would you rate The Big Weekend?
Sexual orientation
If you chose to self describe, please give your answer here.
Do you identify as Trans?
If yes, is your gender identity the same as the sex you were assigned at birth?
Where do you live? *
UK Post Code? *
What is your income?
Do you drive?
How many holidays do you take per year?
Are you a home owner?
Do you shop online?
Do you have a favourite social media platform?
Any other comments or feedback?
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