LIB 2017 Food Vendor InTake Form
What is the Name of your booth? *
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Who is the primary contact for your booth during the Pre-Production process? *
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What is that person's phone number? *
Please format like this XXX-XXX-XXXX
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What is that person's email address? *
Please double check to make sure the email address you enter is correct.
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If there is a second email address that should be included in all communications please include that email address here.
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What is the name of the individual or business entity to be used for business transactions? *
If we need to send a bill or reimbursement check after the event, to whom should that check be made out to? Please keep in mind that meal voucher reimbursement is taxable income and a W9 will be required. If you are uncertain of the correct answer to this questions please consult with the owner or your business partners to make sure you all are in agreement.
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What is the address to which the bill or check should be sent to. *
Think long and hard about this. Changing addresses often creates delays.
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What is the core of your menu offerings? *
Please keep in mind that I want you to respond to your primary menu offerings. If you serve Meat do not check the Vegan box just because you have vegan options. If you are a taco bar that serves a desert do not check sweets. Stick to your core please.
Please provide a 4 sentence description of your booth. *
Think vibe, ingredient ethics/sourcing, flavor profiles, cultural inspirations.
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What is the basic footprint of your booth? *
This footprint is for billing purposes. Please select the option that most accurately represents your booth. Please note the attached fees for size ranges. They will be added to your base vendor fee.
What is the true size of your booth? *
Please format Width x Depth. True size refers to the length and depth of your booth, food truck, or food trailer. If your booth is 10' wide but you place propane outside of that 10' width then your booth is 12' wide. If you have a food trailer that is 25' long but the hitch extends 3' then your trailer is 28' long. If you booth is 20' deep but you place shelves and boxes or grills beyond that 20' depth then be sure to add that information. This DOES NOT include refer trucks, storage trailers, or camping infrastructure. I want to know the real footprint of your operation.
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Do you intend to have any additional infrastructure behind or near your booth? *
Reefer Truck Length?
Please provide total length (box and cab). Also state if your reefer truck has a lift gate or ramp. Pleas note that reefer trucks brought by food vendors WILL NOT be connected to the power grid.
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Would you like to schedule diesel fueling for your reefer truck?
Please note diesel will be between $8 and $10 per gallon.
Trailer Length?
Please include the hitch in the total length of the trailer. Please note if you have a rear access door that requires space to open.
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Box Truck Length?
Please provide total length (box and cab). Also note if your reefer truck has a lift gate or ramp.
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Sprinter Van Length?
Please provide total length (box and cab).
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How many people will be staffing your booth? *
This includes you. Just because you're a manager or owner doesn't mean you don't include yourself. Total means everyone associated with your booth. Please note you will be able to change this as things develop. All vendor staff are capped at 16.
How much power does your booth require? *
Your booth fee allows access to two dedicated 20amp circuits (40amps through 4 outlets). A 20 amp service is defined as a two outlet point of access like you would find in your home. Every additional 20amp circuit will be $75. Power requests are to be made in increments of 20amps.
Are you interested in renting reefer space from DoLaB provided refrigerated units? *
In 2017 The DoLaB is working on developing an effective refrigeration model. Research and prices are still being conducted.
How many pallet spaces would you be interested in?
A pallet space is defined as a 4'x4' space. Pallets ARE NOT provided by the DoLaB. The DoLaB would provide an aisle lane for ease of access, loading, and unloading. Listed prices are only estimates at this time.
Do you intend to have an RV at the event? *
Limit 1 per vendor booth.
Would you like to purchase extra showers for your crew? *
Your booth fee and extra tickets purchased for staff allots one shower per staff member. Your are able to purchase 1 extra shower per staff member in advance at a discounted rate. This offer WILL NOT be available onsite.
Would you like to have access to WiFi in order to conduct credit card sales? *
Would you like to have your In/Out Vehicle parked within easy walking distance to your booth? *
Easy Walking Distance is defined as 10 minutes or less.
Are you interested in a second booth? *
If you have never run two booths before you should exclude yourself as a candidate. If you have never worked with Travis Puglisi the LIB Food Vendor Coordinator before you should exclude yourself as a candidate. If you are still interested please select the option to fill out this form again after completing this one.
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