Yoga Teacher Training 2021
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DISCLAIMER: If you register for the on-line option only, because you live far away or because of personal preference, please note that it is not yet sure that we will be able to provide BOTH on-line AND in-person training (because of COVID-19). We will confirm as soon as we can. If you register, pay the deposit and the on-line training does not happen, we will fully refund you. Do you confirm you have read this disclaimer? *
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Do you have past/current injuries or pain that might get aggravated during the training? This is extremely important to mention as we had experience in the past how physical illness can impair the ability to learn and can slow down the process for the affected and the other trainees as well. *
If you find it appropriate or helpful, please inform us about mental or emotional issues you are going through, have been going through, or inclined to suffer from in the future, mostly if they are likely to impair your experience, as well as the experience of the trainees and the teachers. *
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A Yoga teacher training is a space where intermediate/advanced, passionate practitioners learn the skills and receive the tools needed to teach Yoga. Though the training will be a delightful, fun and spiritually enriching experience, the trainee should expect mental, intellectual and physical intensity, along with abundance of philosophical, technical and scientific information. This can be too much to take for those who expect a YTT to be a retreat-like experience with the purpose of helping practitioners "find", start or deepen their practice, which will happen surely, but as a mere consequence. Nevertheless, if you are only seeking deeper experience, you can attend the training without being expected to participate in anatomy and teaching-methodology classes, and without having to perform in any teaching test. As a result, you will receive a different certificate of completion of the course, but won't be eligible for certification as a yoga teacher. Please confirm your status below. *
Say a few words about what you expect from the 23 days of training (spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically) *
As yoga teachers, our role is to provide a safe environment for you. However, the responsibility for your health ultimately lies on you as the best knower of your body. Therefore we need you to take responsibility for your well-being. Neither Ananda Marga Danmark nor the trainers are held responsible for physical injury or death. *
Do you confirm you have read attentively all terms and conditions listed above and agree to be subjected to them? *
I have read the description of the training and I am fully aware of what to expect in terms of content and program. *
The course officially starts on August 1, but the arrival date is the day before, after lunch of July 31. The course will start on August one at 6:30 in the morning. *
After the registration, you will be the link to another registration link that you must fill in before proceeding with the payment. *
To complete the registration, you must pay a deposit fee of 2500 Danish crowns (DKK) which equals to 335 euros. When you pay, please transfer the exact amount in DKK currency. The deposit will be refunded ONLY if the cancelation of the course happens from OUR side. *
At our Yoga center we have three elderly people residing, one of which in unstable health conditions. For that reason, we kindly ask you to show a negative Corona test result when coming to our venue, even if you are exempt. Thanks for understanding. *
Looking forward to practicing with you, teaching you, and learning from you! Do you have any question you wish to ask?
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