Club Member Feedback Form
ANU Sport is the governing body of all sport and recreation clubs at ANU. For ANU Sport, it is important that club members and participants have a channel through which they can provide feedback in the form they feel most comfortable.

All feedback you provide assist ANU Sport to help clubs continue to improve and develop.

When providing feedback, ANU Sport encourages you to consider that clubs are run by volunteers that are giving up their time to run the club.

Who will have access to and action this feedback?
- Club Development Officer (ANU Sport); and
- Sports Manager (ANU Sport).

What will ANU Sport do with this feedback?
- Read the feedback carefully;
- If you have requested that we follow-up with you, we will contact you using the details you have provided; and
- We will decide what action is appropriate to take on the feedback you have given.

How will ANU Sport action your feedback/resolve the issue?
- Through the application or development of policies & procedures administered and maintained by ANU Sport;
- Conduct an investigation pertaining to the issues raised; and/or
- Provide anonymised feedback to the club in question.

How else can you provide feedback?
- Directly to club executive committee members, through their contact email, Facebook page, website contact form, or any other channel they have provided - this will not be anonymous;
- In a direct email to ANU Sport - this will not be anonymous ( or

If the matter is urgent, please contact ANU Sport ( or or your club, directly.
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