Local Roots Site Leader Questionnaire
Your answers to the following questions will help us get to know you better so please be honest! :)
First name
Last name
Choose the 4 words that describe your work ethic best.
Please describe two past experiences where you had to multitask at a previous job.
Do you prefer situations that have some randomness and surprises or are perfectly structured?
If you were alone in a bar, would you prefer to socialize with the patrons or sit with your journal or book?
How would you use Local Roots to build community in your neighborhood?
What other social groups are you deeply involved in? Ex. PTA, yoga studio, community garden
How often do you cook?
Please describe your familiarity with food, farming, and agriculture.
Please describe your familiarity with local seasonal produce.
When during the week are you available to work?
Are you able to dedicate yourself to attend once a month meetings and stay up to date on weekly notices? *
Below are our marketplaces. Please choose the 3 that work best with your schedule. Note an additional hour for set up and half hour for breakdown are required. *
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