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I certify that I am of sound mind and in good health I understand that the conditions that I will be exposed to can cause emotional and physical stress I do not have have any medical or mental conditions that will put myself members and clients at risk. Applicants desiring to participate in Jersey Paranormal Investigations shall do so of their own freewill and at their own risk. In the event of any injury, applicant must accept individualresponsibility for full expense of medical attention, as well as, any other expenses that may arisefrom such injury. Furthermore, applicants will agree to release and hold harmless forever, Jersey Paranormal Investigations, it’s officers, agents, employees and any other people associatedwith JPI, as well as, the Owners/Caretakers of subject properties, tenants and all clients underinvestigation, from and against all losses, claims and/or liabilities for personal damages incurredas a result of their participation in Jersey Paranormal Investigations. I release JPI and its members from any liability pertaining to any physcial and mental damages that I may obtain during offical JPI events. I also certifiy all my above answers to be true. *
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