Audition information: "Problem Child" & "Criminal Genius"
Auditions for KWLT's production of "Problem Child" and "Criminal Genius" are on July 15th, 16th, and 17th at 9 Princess St. E., Waterloo. If you'd like to book a spot in advance, please fill out this form!
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If none of the available times fit your availability, we also accept walk-ins! Select the day that you want to come to auditions as a walk-in, or "I'll just show up" if you're not sure when you can make it. If none of July 15th-17th are good options for you, select "Other" and we'll get in touch to make alternative arrangements. (Note that we can't guarantee this option if you sign up for "Other" after July 14th.)
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Fake blood?
Partial nudity (underwear)?
Showing physical affection towards and kissing a member of the opposite sex?
Sexual dialogue?
Please list your previous theatre experience.
This can be on- or off-stage. If you have extensive experience, pick 3-5 shows to highlight: best, favourite, more recent, however you want to choose them. Please provide the name of the production, your role(s) in it, the year, and the name of the production company.
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