Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Current and Future Providers, Languages Spoken, and BIPOC Mental Health Organizations
Are you Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color (this includes mixed race folks) current/future therapist or mental health practitioner in WA state? Are you a mental health organization predominantly serving/aimed at serving BIPOC folx in WA state? Are you a part of a group of BIPOC providers in WA state? If so, please take the time to fill out this survey.

The Equity in Education Coalition (EEC) is a statewide coalition working towards a more targeted and comprehensive approach to improve educational achievement and growth as well as closing the opportunity gap throughout the State of Washington. EEC is looking to research mental health access for our BIPOC communities by creating a picture of the number of BIPOC-focused organizations/BIPOC-led organizations, BIPOC current and future mental health providers, and the languages that are available in WA.

Our goal is to use the statistics from this survey to create a policy to provide funding to BIPOC organizations, BIPOC therapists, and BIPOC students. Mental health is something everyone should have the right to access, but does not, due to funding and a lack of providers that can provide culturally humble and linguistically appropriate approaches to mental health.
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Are you are a BIPOC therapist, student, hospital, school, organization, or group?
If you are an organization, student, or group, please list the name of the organization, school, or group to which you belong.
If you are a current student, are you planning on staying in WA state to practice?
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If you are an organization or group, please tell us the number of BIPOC mental health providers you have. If possible, please list the full number of mental health employees.
Do you or folx at your organization speak other languages?
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If so, what other languages do you speak or are spoken at your organization?
If you have the time, please share with us how many BIPOC folks you serve on a yearly basis (estimates are welcome) and what the needs, concerns, and wants are of those you serve (bullet list, or words are just fine).
Please choose the main way you funded your education.
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While in school, did you have access to scholarships that helped you fund your education?
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If so, how many scholarships, roughly, do you think there were available and how much they would total out to?
Please select the range that best fits your student loan debt.
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Would you would like to engage in our process? After everything we have gone through in the last two years we ask that you engage in whatever ways feel right or are within capacity for you. Please list in the next question how you can/would like to engage. Note: As of right now there is no funding for this research, unfortunately.
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Please let us know how/if you would like to engage: sharing the survey with others, obtaining funding, holding community listening sessions. Please remember that we ask you to engage within the capacity you have.
Would you like to be in contact with us?
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