Monroe Elementary Certified Staff Survey
What do you teach? *
Students in this school respect each other's differences (gender, race, culture, disability) *
I believe that our school is an inclusive place that treats everyone fairly regardless of race, ethnicity or culture. *
If a student is being treated unkindly at school, the student knows how to get help. *
In this school, there are clear rules against physically hurting other people (for example, hitting, pushing, or tripping). *
Students at this school will try to stop students from insulting or making fun of other students. *
There are groups of students in the school who exclude others and make them feel bad for not being a part of the group. *
How effective is the principal at developing rules for students? *
Do you see students help each other without being prompted? *
In this school, adults teach children to express their emotions in healthy ways. *
How respectful are the relationships between staff and students? *
How respectful are relationships between staff members? *
I feel supported by the principal and feel that my voice matters. *
In your class, how much does the behavior of other students negatively impact other students' learning? *
At your school, how respectful are the parents towards you? *
The principal effectively communicates important information to staff. *
How comfortable are you communicating with the principal? *
How often do you communicate with parents? *
When you face challenges with students, how supportive are the majority of families? *
How physically safe do you feel at school? *
How socially/emotionally safe do you feel at school? *
I have seen students being hurt at school more than once in this school. *
Please provide any additional comments.
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