4-Day Residential Meditation Retreats - 2023
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Retreat Guidelines
All participants will have to adhere fully to the time-table and keep silence except when communicating with the teacher (this would also include non- usage of mobiles phone, reading material, the internet, etc.,)

• Abide by  the rules and regulations during the retreat.

• Stay through the entire program from start to end.

• Be alert and aware during the entire program and be amenable to instructions and guidance by the teacher.

• If you are a practitioner with a history of practice in a different meditation tradition, you would be expected to lay aside your past practices and concentrate only on current teaching for the duration of the retreat.

• Be aware that meditation can sometimes induce unpleasant or painful experiences when inner purification takes places.

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Retreat Dates
Important: You are not allowed to apply for two retreats or many at once. Please choose only one retreat in the list and apply accordingly. *
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Are you aware that the teaching at the Nisala Foundation that you are applying for the retreat is a non-religious venue that uses basic principles of  energy and consciousness based practices to guide the participants in their inner search? And that it does not claim to teach Vipassana, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam or any other religion? (Please refer to our website www.nisala.org for more information). *
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Do you have any heart related illnesses? Or Have you been diagnosed with or suffer any mental health issue such as depression, bipolar or schizophrenia? Or Do you have any other medical condition or illness in the body? If so please give details. *
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How did you find out about the Nisala Foundation? If someone recommended Nisala Meditation Centre, please write their names. *
Do you have any dietary preferences or food allergies that you know of? yes no. If yes, please give details. *
The Nisala Meditation Centre serves vegetarian low-to-moderately spicy Sri Lankan food during its retreats and would not generally be able to alter its menu. Can you eat this type of food? *
Please note that you will be assigned either single, sharing room, or dorm accommodation by the Centre depending on availability at the sole discretion of the Centre, and that accommodation cannot be booked beforehand. *
Cost for the Program for 5 nights: lodging, meals, and the teachings are provided to the participant on a donation basis. Please choose to donate generously. Your contributions will go towards Nisala to complete its necessary infrastructure and to fund its retreats. If you wish to donate to Nisala for the completion of its building work at the Center, you may talk to the management for further details.
If you are selected for the retreat you will be notified via email with retreat guidelines and instructions. Please make sure to provide us accurate email address.
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