[BTS] 'Always Connected' Pin Pre-Order Form
This is the pre-order form for Dyrinda's Workshop's "Always Connected" enamel pin. Around 20 orders are needed to proceed since the money will help fund the production of the pins. (PLEASE NOTE: Seeing as this is a pre-order, it will take time for me to collect the funds necessary for the pins to be produced, so this all might take a while. Please be prepared to be patient and wait for your pin(s).) Remaining pins will be available in my store after the pre-order ends and I have been able to ship pre-orders out.
All orders are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please make 100% sure that you want to buy this pin before submitting this form. If you back out of the order, then you run the risk of being blacklisted.

There will be 1 payment.
1: Cost per pin: $10 + Shipping: $3 (If you order more than one pin, the total will be cheaper than $13 per pin)
(Pre-Order will end when all slots have been filled.)
**Shipping can be done WW, but it will be expensive... (starting at $15)**
I understand and wish to proceed. *
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