2020-2021 Winter Peer Tutoring Program (Student Waitlist Registration)
YIV’s Peer Tutoring Program focuses on providing high school students with leadership and community services, and elementary students with accompaniment, experiences, and professional support from their big buddies. Even during the most difficult times of the pandemic, YIV has been an organization to support the frontline families and their children the best we could with our resources. With months of passion and dedication from our YIV team, we have successfully brought our spring and summer seasons to an end with more than 75 volunteers and 85 tutees in total. In the fall season, we opened 136 tutoring classes, with 99 dedicated volunteers and 113 students. With this, we kindly welcome you to join our passionate team of volunteers and students this winter for our new Winter Peer Tutoring Program.

*** All classes are FREE !!!
*** Our program only applies to students from Kindergarten to Grade 5!
*** We will arrange classes for waitlist students as soon as more spots for class scheduling open!
*** Please note that all tutors are all high school volunteers who will accompany and assist their students with any difficulties they have from school! Tutors will be provided with training sessions and are trusted to support their students as best as they could!
Event run by Youth Initiative Vancouver
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