Friday & Weekend-Groups 1-2, Greystones A.C. Covid-19 Declaration
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Athlete's Name (if more than 1 from the household)
Parent's Name (if athlete aged less than 18yrs) *
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Date of Training Session (Give the Friday date for the whole W/E) The responsibility is with the parent / adult athlete to notify immediately if circumstances change in this period. *
Have you visited any of the countries outside Ireland recently *
Are you experiencing flu-like symptoms, high temperature, breathing difficulties *
Have been around someone with symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days *
Is a member of your household self-isolating or displaying Covid-19 symptoms or in a high-risk category *
If you have answered “YES” to any of the questions above or have indicated to us that you have symptoms of COVID19 you should not attend the athletics club. You are prohibited from entering or using the grounds/facilities and advised to seek professional medical help/assistance.
Exercising Outdoors
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