Ticket Request Form
Selling tickets to your event? Please fill out the event information below and we will set up the ticket for you on our website and at our receptions - please allow up to 5 working days for your request to be completed. Not every question will relate to you so leave blank if it does not apply to your event.

Make sure you have already made the event on the website so we can then link these tickets directly to the event. The guide for this can be found here: https://qmulprod.sharepoint.com/:b:/s/QMSUStudentEngagement938/EdBwk3ENnuNPsQQ9MLZ8woIB866bGSoohklhKmwJhH5fTQ?e=bdhmAU

If you have any issues or queries please email su-societies@qmul.ac.uk.
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Name *
Committee Position *
Student Group Name *
Is the money earnt from these ticket sales going to charity? *
If you are holding a fundraiser for charity please email su-rag@qmul.ac.uk so they are aware.
What is the name of your event/activity? *
Are you running repeat sessions of this event/activity?
E.g. if you're running dance classes and will be charging per class, put details in the next questions.
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(Answer if you would like us to set up tickets for multiple events/activities here) Please detail the dates and times here.
If you are running multiple classes at the same price please list them all here so we can set up tickets for each session (e.g. 'Beginners Dance Class 13/09, 18:00-19:00, Advance Dance Class 13/09 19:00-20:00).
What is the Students' Union weblink to your event/activity?
If you want people to purchase tickets directly from the event page on the Students' Union website, you need to first create your event. You must put this event up on the Students' Union website so we can then link this ticket to the event page. For instructions on how to do this visit https://qmulprod.sharepoint.com/:b:/s/QMSUStudentEngagement938/EdBwk3ENnuNPsQQ9MLZ8woIB866bGSoohklhKmwJhH5fTQ?e=bdhmAU. Once you have done this copy and paste the url here - this is so we can make sure we link these tickets to the right event. If you would like us to set up tickets for a regular event (e.g. weekly classes), just say here to add the link to your society's webpage. If you are making the event page at a later date email us at su-societies@qmul.ac.uk with the url so we can then link it.
How much are your tickets for members (£) and what's the ticket limit? *
How many member tickets do you want to put on sale? If you are running an event in Drapers or the Griff Inn (please ensure you have booked this with the Students' Union Events Team), the total limit for Drapers Lounge is 250, Drapers is 600 and the Griff Inn 300.
Where do you want the tickets to be on sale?
As well as putting it up on sale we can also make them available to purchase at our Students' Union receptions.
How much are your non-member tickets (£) if different price to member tickets and what's the ticket limit? (If applicable)
If your event is open to non-members, specify how much non-member tickets are and how many non-member tickets you want to be put on sale.
Will you have non-QMUL Students attend your event? *
Tickets are usually set up so that only QMUL (including Barts London) students can purchase them.
When do you want these tickets to go on sale? (Date & Time) *
If you are selling multiple tickets write here if you want them all to go on sale at the same time or specify when you want certain tickets to go on sale.
When do you want these tickets to go off sale? (Date & Time) *
If these tickets are for multiple events/activities and you'll want them to go off sale at the same point for each, specific when (e.g. 'please take off sale each week's event/activity an hour before it's due to start')
Do you want Early Bird Tickets? If so specify how much they are, how many you want and/or when you want them to go on and off sale here.
Examples: 'Put 10 early bird tickets at £5 each on sale' (Sells out after 10 are sold); 'Put early bird tickets at £5 each on sale from now until the 01/10' (Are on sale until this date); or 'Put early bird tickets at £5 each on sale until 01/10, or until 20 tickets are sold' (On sale until 20 are sold, or it's past the 01/10, whatever is sooner).
Do you want any other additional type of tickets available? If so please detail below, including price, when you want it to go on and off sale, and/or ticket limit.
Examples: 'Add 30 '1st Release Tickets' at £20, 50 2nd Release Tickets at £25 and 50 final release Tickets at £30.' (These tickets will on sale until these limits are reached); 'Add 1st Release tickets at £20 from 01/10 to the 05/10 and final release at £25 from 05/10 to 10/10' (Each types of these tickets are sold at these prices until it reaches that date); or 'Add 20 £20 1st Release Tickets from 01/10 to 05/10 and 30 final release tickets at £25 from 05/10 to the 10/10' (These tickets are on sale until they reach their ticket limit, or it's past the off-sale date, whatever is sooner).
What is the total limit of tickets you can sell? *
What is the maximum number of tickets you can sell for your event/activity? We can set up all your tickets so that we can make sure that all the different types you have on sale won't exceed your maximum capacity.
Is there a ticket limit each person can purchase? If so write down below. *
We will automatically set the ticket so that members can only buy 1 member priced ticket. However, if you want the option for a Society Member to buy non-member tickets on other people's behalf, write the limit here. E.g. 'Max 3 non-member tickets per person'. If you are running an event in Drapers/Griff Inn there is a limit of 1 non-student to every student.
Are there any additional requirements/information you need?
When purchasing ticket we can ask the buyer additional questions such as Guest Name, Email Address, Dietary Requirements, Emergency Contact Information or even include statements that they need to agree to like 'I understand that this ticket is non-refundable'. If you have any of these requirements please detail them below - when you generate a report you can then see all this information in your admin tools (email su-societies@qmul.ac.uk if you want to know more about this). Use this space if you have any other requirements (e.g. putting the income for these tickets in a different pot within your account).
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