Twins Oaks Ranch Contract
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Check in is 4:00 pm / Check out is 12:00 pm
You may not arrive earlier or leave later unless cleared by the office.

$25.00 per night per person
$6.00 per person grounds fee for persons not spending the night

$1000.00 non-refundable deposit due immediately in conjunction with this contract


Renting group agrees to pay the balance of the final bill prior to their departure from camp. Rates are subject to change up to 90 days prior to reserved date(s).

We provide toilet paper, garbage cans and bags, cooking utensils, and ice.

Campfire area, basketball, lighted volleyball *(sand), lighted athletic field, nature trails,
swimming pool, fishing, canoeing, tetherball, playground, zip line,
horse shoes, riflery and archery available. Game room includes: air hockey, foosball
and ping pong

The renting group agrees to comply faithfully with the following policies:
1. Pay for damages to Twin Oaks Ranch property (beyond that of normal wear and tear) caused by any member of your group.(do not use tape that leaves a residue or nails or staples that damage walls or wood work)
2. Provide your own medical insurance. Report all injuries to the camp manager.
3. Do not cross fence lines. You will be trespassing on private property.
4. Check with manager to make sure there is not a burn ban in effect before starting fires. Please extinguish all fires with hose behind bath house when through.
5. No alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, drugs, fireworks, firearms, or pets.
6. No graffiti.
7. Each group must provide 1 adult for every 8 minors.
8. Help conserve energy! Turn off lights, A/C, and heat when not in use.
9. Remove shoes when muddy in carpeted areas.
10. Off limit areas are: manager’s house and yard; shed and behind shed
11. Do not block manager’s driveway.
12. Do not park cars beyond registration sign.
13. Waterfront - Provide lifeguard on duty at the waterfront while people are on the creek. Wear a properly secured life vest. No ramming or tipping of canoes.
14. Pool area - Provide lifeguard and other adults as needed (Texas State Dept. of Health requirement) when renting group is using the pool. No glass, cans, or food items are allowed in the pool area.
15. Keep grounds clean by keeping paper and litter picked up.
16. Please give camp manager a schedule of your retreat.
17. Your schedule must reflect an attempt to accomplish a spiritual purpose.

Please contact the camp manager upon arrival of property. The camp manager will hold an orientation with the person in
charge of the renting group at arrival. All policies and questions will be covered at this time.

The renting group hereby agrees to:
Release TWIN OAKS RANCH and any of their staff and representative of the responsibility for any injuries incurred while on said Camp’s properties; waive any right we may have to sue TWIN OAKS RANCH or any of their staff and representative as a result of any injuries, damages, or losses sustained while on said Camp’s properties; and hold TWIN OAKS RANCH and any of their staff and representative harmless and to bear the cost of their legal defense of any suit or legal or equitable action is brought against any of them as a result of any and all injuries, damages, or losses suffered while on said Camp’s properties. Further, in the case of a medical and/or surgical emergency, we hereby agree to make immediate contact with a licensed physician/surgeon and give same permission to hospital, secure proper treatment for, and to order injection, anesthesia, or surgery for the person(s) requiring same; and, in the event immediate first aid is required, we have a doctor/nurse who is qualified to administer such, and has permission to do so. All of this shall be done at no expense to TWIN OAKS RANCH.

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