SBCL user survey 2019
This is a survey that I (Christophe Rhodes) am running, to help me understand the SBCL user and developer community: what  do you use SBCL for?  In what context?  What works for you, and what would you like to see in the future?

All questions are optional: if you have privacy or confidentiality concerns about any of the questions, it is absolutely OK not to answer them.  What information you can provide will be gratefully received.

This survey is running on Google Forms: that means that the compliance of this survey with GDPR and other data processing legislation can only be as good as Forms' support.   I will do my best not to publish any individually identifying information that I receive as answers to this survey without permission.  By all means e-mail me at if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your answers and your time!
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What country are you based in?
How old are you?
How would you characterise your use of SBCL?
What is or are your main uses of SBCL?
Why do you use SBCL?
For how many years have you been using SBCL?
How do you acquire SBCL?
Which version(s) of SBCL are you currently using?
What platforms do you run SBCL on?
Mac OS X
Which of these communications channels do you participate in?
sbcl-announce mailing list
sbcl-devel mailing list
sbcl-help mailing list
sbcl-commits mailing list
#sbcl IRC (freenode)
#lisp IRC (freenode)
/r/sbcl on
/r/common_lisp on
/r/lisp on
comp.lang.lisp (usenet)
What might make you more likely to participate in SBCL-specific communications channels?
What SBCL developments in the last few years, if any, have you particularly appreciated?
What would you like to see happen in SBCL development in the next few years?
Please use this space to write anything else about SBCL that comes to mind.
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