Tenancy Application & Credit Release
PO Box 172, New Lexington, OH 43764

As a supplement to this Application, you may or may not be required to furnish:
1. An employment and salary verification letter from current employer(s);
2. Copy of State Photo ID;
3. Copy of last 2 months canceled rent checks;
4. Copy of last 2 bank statements;
5. Copy of last 2 pay stubs; and
6. A check for $50.00 (per applicant) payable to tic homes, llc (includes the credit check and application fee).

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Current Rent *
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Duration *
How long has Applicant resided there so far and why are they moving?
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Applicant Employer's Contact Person
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Personal Reference- 1
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Personal Reference- 2
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Business Reference- 1
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Business Reference- 2
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Have You ever been convicted of a crime? *
Have You ever been evicted? *
Have You ever declared Bankrupt? *
re: Misrepresentation *
Do you agree that any misrepresentation or omission of information is grounds for eviction; and represent that the information provided in this application is true, complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge?
re: Background Check *
Do you understand that the information provided by you might be used by the landlord and/or his agent(s) to determine whether or not to approve this application? INFORMATION AND COLLECTION AUTHORIZATION tmc homes, LLC has a policy of screening all prospective purchasers or renters for the purpose of collecting relevant information which includes a credit profile search, and may include interviews with the Applicant, the Applicant’s references, neighbors, past and present employers, and other references. The fee for this service is $50.00 per applicant and is to be paid by the Applicant The fee for this service may or may NOT be refundable, even if the purchase or renter of the apartment is denied on the basis of the report or if the Applicant decides not to tender the application or continue with the process of purchasing or renting the apartment. If the application is not approved as a result of this collection of information, the Applicant may contact tmc homes, LLC to provide the name of the collection agency, who at the Applicant’s request, will discuss their collection of information with the Applicant tmc homes, LLC will not provide any copies of the report. In such event, the legal obligation of tmc homes, LLC to the Applicant ends at the point that tmc homes, LLC supplies the address of the collection reporting agency.
re: Authorization *
Do you authorize the landlord and/or his agent(s) to verify all the information given in this application, including past rental information, personal references and employment information provided as well as to obtain a current credit and criminal background check?
re: Obligations *
Do you understand that this application is not a Rental Agreement and that this application does not create any obligation by the landlord and/or his agent(s) in that regard?
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