FBL 2019 Fursuit Dance Contest Application [EN]
This form concerns applications for a set as a contender for the 2019 edition of the FBL FDC. All applications will be proceeded on a "First come, first served" basis until the lineup is full. You can apply for competition and/or for fun. You must wear a fursuit (complete or partial) during your performance but you will not be judged on it. We will contact you shortly using the address you need to fill in. This address is only collected for this one purpose.

You can compete in the solo queue and/or as a pre-made group but you will only be judged in one category of your choosing. You can also perform for fun, but competitve applications will be prioritized if we have too much applications.

If your application is accepted, you agree to perform during the FBL 2019 FDC and to notify us immediately in case of impediment so that we can find a replacement calmly.

Please note that in case of high amount of applications, we may be forced to make a pre-selection. If that's the case, we will notify promptly all contestants by email and we will use the videos provided for our decision.

Rehearsals will be scheduled before the show.

Any question about your application ? Mail us at : events@fblacklight.org

Email address *
Your Nickname: *
Please use the nickname you gave us during your FBL 2019 registration.
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Your badge number: *
Your badge number must be filled in, it must be valid and it must be your FBL 2019 attendee number. You must register for FBL 2019 to apply.
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Your gender: *
For our show hosts, to introduce you correctly.
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Your stage name:
Fill in if you want to be announced differently from your badge name during the show or if you have a group stage name.
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In which category do you want to perform? *
You can perform in one or both categories during the show.
In which category do you want to compete for the prize? *
This will determine the category in which you will be judged by our jury and will compete for the prize. If you want to perform in both categories, you will need to chose here on which one you will be judged. Use the third option if you just want to perform for fun but be aware that competitive applications will be prioritized.
Please provide a download link for the track you will perform on and the complete list of all the songs (titles+original performer) used in your track (for french legal purpose): *
The track MUST be between 1'30" and 2' long so we can fit a maximum of contestants during the show. Please note that we cannot edit/mix the track for you, it MUST be ready to play. If you perform in both categories, don't forget to include both tracks.
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If you are part of a group, your teammates' nicknames and badges numbers:
If you want to perform as a group, either for competition or fun, every member of the group need to fill in an individual application and indicate their teammates on theirs.
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