Circus Questionnaire
This is a questionnaire to gain information about how people view the circus and will be used in opinionated based research and in show development during my fourth year in college.
Have you seen a circus before?
Would you want to see a circus again?
What kind of venues have you seen the circus in?
About how old were you when you saw your first circus?
Your answer
About how old were you when you last saw a circus?
Your answer
What was your favorite act that you saw? Why?
Your answer
Do you prefer traditional circuses like Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey or would you rather see similar groups to Cirque du Soleil?
What kind of circus show sounds more appealing to you?
What kind of non circus show sounds more appealing to you?
What are your views on the use of animals in the circus?
Do you enjoy audience interaction at shows?
Would you feel comfortable if a performer interacted with you during a show.
Do you trust circus performers? Why or why not?
Your answer
What do you think that the circus offers in terms of entertainment?
Your answer
What does the circus offer in terms of culture where you live?
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Do we need the circus?
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