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Answer the TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN questions
If the fact matches the reading, then it is TRUE.
If the fact contradicts the information in the reading in some way, then it is FALSE.
If the fact is not mentioned or cannot be inferred in the reading, then it is NOT GIVEN.
1. Facebook owned Oculus Rift. *
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2. Facebook paid one billion dollars to buy Oculus rift. *
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3. Oculus Rift owes its development to smart phone technology. *
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4. You can play computer games standing up with it. *
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5. People who used the Oculus Rift felt that they were in another world. *
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6. Some people who played games with it felt sick. *
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7. The Oculus Rift is finished and ready. *
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8. Many people think it will cost less than $300. *
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