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請紀錄您在隔離期/疫情期間的生活故事。您的回答沒有長度限制,不管是一句話,一段話或是幾頁都可以(當然,歡迎您多寫一些)。您可以直接將您的回答輸入或黏貼到以下回答框。 *
請問您的姓名是?(我們只會使用您的首字母縮寫,您的答案絕對不會被實名公開) *
請問您的年齡是?(您需要年滿十八歲) *
請問您出生的國家或地區是? *
請問您現在所在的國家或地區是? *
請問您現在所在的城市名是? *
請問您現在的就業狀態是? *
請問您的職業是? *
請問您的年度總收入大約是?(以美元計算) *
請問您的學歷是?(如果您還是學生,請填寫您目前擁有的最高學歷) *
請問您的婚姻狀態是? *
請問您如何形容您的性別? *
請問您如何形容您的性取向? *
請問您如何形容您的種族/族群?(請選擇所有合適的選項) *
請問您的郵箱地址是? *
請問您的電話號碼是? *
請問您是否願意允許本項目邀請您參與更深層次的追蹤研究? *
請問您是否願意接收關於項目最新進展的電郵? *
請詳細閱讀以下投稿守則:我理解LiQ的項目組正在籌建一個線上公開存檔平台,並可能在未來以非營利的形式出版。為了幫助本項目的籌備,我同意項目組發表/公開展示我的原創投稿和統計我的背景信息。我理解我通過這個表格填寫的信息必須不違背任何關於安全、隱私、保密及其他相關的法律。我保證我提交的信息裡不會包括其他人的敏感個人信息,包括個人健康狀況。我確認我已經年滿十八歲。我在此同意授權斯坦福大學和本項目的協助者,以及其他被許可人、繼承人和指定人士以下權利: 1. 有權在世界上的任意媒體上引用、重新敘述、複製、出版、散播或以其他方式、方法、形式使用我的投稿中的任何信息,不限時長,不論目的。 2. 有權在使用我的投稿時一同使用我的首字母縮寫(不是我的合法姓名)和我的背景信息。 3. 有權把任何被提及的個人的名字改為首字母縮寫,以保護該人的隱私權。 我在此放棄我可能有的要求檢視或批准在項目中使用我的首字母縮寫、背景信息或投稿的權利,並且理解在此項目中我沒有版權、要求稿酬的權利,或其他相關的著作權。我在此確認我不會對斯坦福大學和項目的協助者,或者其他被許可人、繼承人和指定人士做任何關於我的投稿的使用權上的和任何有關本項目的廣告或推廣材料上的要求、條件、命令和其他需求,包括(但不限於)任何關於隱私權的要求、公開發表權的要求,版權、誹謗、侮辱或其他權利的要求通過選擇”我同意以上條款“選項,我同意本列所有條款並確認我的投稿有效。 *
Please read the following terms applicable to all submissions to this project:I understand that Life in Quarantine: Witnessing Global Pandemic is preparing an online public access archive, which may be published in a non-profit format in the future. In order to assist in the preparation of the project, I have agreed to have my original submission published and/or displayed publicly and my biographical data incorporated into the project. I understand that material submitted through this form must not violate any security, privacy, confidentiality or other laws. I agree not to submit material that contains sensitive personal information about other people, including personal health information. I also certify that I am 18 years of age or older.I hereby grant to Stanford University and the project facilitators, and to any licensees, successors, and assigns of each: 1. The right to quote, paraphrase, reproduce, publish, distribute, or otherwise use all or any portion of my submission in any manner, form, or purpose and in any media throughout the world and in perpetuity. 2. The right to use my initials (and not legal name) and biographical data in connection with any use of the submission. 3. The right to change the names of individuals mentioned to initials in order to protect privacy. I hereby waive any right I may have to inspect or approve the use of my initials, biographical data, or submission as incorporated in the project, and acknowledge that I have no copyright, rights to remuneration, or other rights in the project. I hereby release and discharge Stanford University, the project facilitators, and any licensees, successors, and assigns of each, from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action that I may have against them regarding any use of my submission or regarding anything contained in the project or in related advertising or promotional materials, including (but not limited to) any claims based on the right to privacy, the right to publicity, copyright, libel, defamation, or any other right. By checking that I accept in the box below I am agreeing to the above and confirming my submission.
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