LA Coalition to Support SB 50
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This coalition of Los Angeles indiciorganizations supports SB 50 (Wiener), which will create more housing affordability by promoting inclusive growth, combating restrictive and exclusionary zoning, and protecting existing affordability.
SB 50: A Bold Approach for a Critical Situation
> Los Angeles County needs new, bold action to address the critical situation that our communities face, as our housing affordability crisis continues to spiral out of control. In Los Angeles County, we have nearly 59,000 unhoused neighbors. Our deficit of affordable homes is over 516,000. More than half of renters in our region are rent-burdened. These trends are on track to worsen unless we take immediate, major action.

SB 50 will create more housing affordability for all Californians, including our lowest income residents.
> Policies that addresses all three tiers of housing needs - Production, Preservation, and Protections – have the ability to create the most progress for our communities, increasing housing affordability overall and putting protections in place to make sure our lowest income resident and most vulnerable community members are our first focus. SB 50 includes provisions to create more housing affordability for all Californians, by creating more housing near transit, increasing affordable housing opportunities everywhere and in historically exclusionary communities, and providing critical tenant protections.

SB 50 will promote inclusive growth, combat restrictive and exclusionary zoning, and protect existing affordability.
> SB 50 will create more housing affordability for all of us, helping all Californians find safe, stable, affordable options.
> SB 50 will allow our state to build hundreds of thousands of new homes and ensure that a significant percentage of these homes are affordable. Zoning changes respect local inclusionary policies like the Transit Oriented Communities Program and the State Density Bonus law, requiring housing affordability components.
> It will help transit systems like Metro by increasing ridership, and by making transit more accessible to more people at all income levels, instead of just a privileged few.
> The bill promotes housing options for middle income families, who make too much for traditional affordable housing and too little to afford what is available in the market by promoting density that is consistent with neighborhood character and helping make new affordable development feasible in  places that would otherwise never approve modest height increases.
SB 50 offers new tools to combat restrictive and exclusionary zoning that has contributed to L.A. County’s and the State’s concentration of wealth and opportunity for the few to the detriment of the many.
> SB 50 tackles exclusionary zoning practices that have priced out and excluded lower and middle-income families and people of color from accessing neighborhoods of opportunity by creating new height and density standards for jobs and opportunity rich neighborhoods.

SB 50 offers protections for low-income communities of color and long-time residents.
> SB 50 creates a “sensitive communities” designation to defer state-imposed upzoning for up to 5 years so communities can facilitate neighborhood-level engagement to assess impact and ensure that long-time residents benefit from the new development. This designation is critical in recognizing the importance of self-determination in low-income communities of color, who have historically had few housing options, resulting in segregation and the growth of racially/ethnically concentrated neighborhoods and cities.
 > The bill includes critical anti-displacement protections to ensure that new growth does not  also displace existing low-income communities of color, including no upzoning in parcels occupied by tenants over the past seven years or in any parcel with an Ellis Act eviction over the past 15 years to prevent mass evictions of tenants or demolition of rental housing in anticipation of the higher sales price an upzoned parcel will attract.

We, the undersigned, support the passage of this legislation.
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