Request to the City of Johannesburg to consider and allow the closure of the service lanes between properties in the Kenilworth, Turffontein and Forest Hill area for cleanliness and safety reasons.
The Objective
The current neglect and poor maintenance of the service lanes, has resulted in continuous dumping of illegal waste, refuse and rubble, that is becoming a serious health hazard to residents and has led to an increasing presence of rats and flies in the area. The service lanes are also used commonly by criminal elements, that use them to break into properties and hide after mugging people from the connecting streets. They are riddled with dumping, long grass, broken bottles and the smell of urine. The city has failed to maintain the upkeep of these lanes.

Well also acknowledging some residents use these lanes as a drive way to gain access to their properties, this would need to be considered and to ensure that any process to close and make safe the lanes makes provisions for driveway access for those affected.

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